• “Integration course” – 600 units for newcomers on language and civic orientation

• “Qualification before employment” (QvB) (Programme with different courses, e.g. courses with the aim of achieving a school degree, in combination with language classes when needed) 

• “Adult education centers” (VHS) – offer a variety of classes also for refugees, among them special language courses for women

• “Mobile Education Counselling for refugees” (MoBiBe) – includes a specific offer for women


• Employment Agency and Jobcenter (counselling, support and job placement)  

• Youth employment agency 

• MobiJob (counselling and job-placement for job-seeking refugees) 

• Arrivo (program to prepare refugees for educational training in different branches) 


• “Stadtteilmütter” (District mothers providing support to other mothers with migration background) 

• “Integrationslotsen” (Integrations facilitators supporting people with migration background with general guidance towards public institutions, including translation service)

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