Capacity building

The sharing-testing-mentoring process provides cities with an opportunity to strengthen their capacities. The PP-WG policy and practice working group summarises the lessons learnt at many levels including what tools are effective, when a strategy is replicable and how to make a multi-level partnership effective. The PP-WG is working on several issues including:

  • Policy Strategy Outline – which highlights pre-conditions, strengths and weaknesses, risks and opportunities in outlining policies to fast-track integration of refugees in the labour market. 
  • Guidelines – which show practical and step-by-step points to local authorities in drafting a policy strategy, with concrete examples from the local contexts;
  • Toolkits – which make available several instruments for the practitioners community including procedures, resources, guidelines, templates, case studies, teaching material and counselling techniques.
  • EU Skills Profile Tool for Third Country nationals – which FAB is testing and improving by collecting feedback from users, operators and managers.

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