Piloting and testing

Each partner selects, adapts, and develops an effective refugee integration pilot scheme previously in place in a different partner city. The transfer and adaptation plan includes:

  • Belgrade is implementing Policies for employment services, inspired by Milan’s good practice CELAV. The multi-stakeholder programme aims to enable job centres in supporting the inclusion of refugees in the job market.   
  • Berlin is implementing “Job Boost”, inspired by Stockholm’s good practice SFX – Swedish for Professionals and YFI, an innovative team teaching approach combining professional language teaching and job training. Job Boost aims at filling participants’ language gaps to increase women’s integration in the labour market and supports it with individual and group coaching sessions. 
  • Stockholm is implementing Stadtteilmütter, inspired by Berlin’s good practice of the same name. The programme aims to engage newly arrived women with the help of longer established women with similar cultural background. 
  • Milan is implementing IFX – Italian for Professionals, inspired by Stockholm’s good practice SFX – Cucina / Swedish for Professionals. The programme aims to provide profession-specific language skills to increase participants chances to enter the job market.  
  • Vienna is implementing Guidance services for parents and young people, inspired by Milan’s good practice Esagono. The programme aims to tackle early school drop outs by providing families with counselling guidance.   

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