LEW | Berlin, May 23, 2019

The project wants to integrate three practices from Stockholm - Sfx Swedish for Professionals; YFI Vocational training with integrated language learning for immigrants; Efas Unit [...]

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LEW | Vienna, February and March 2019

AFOL Metropolitana will share its experience from the project “Esagono” in which several orientation/guidance services were provided to young people (age 12-18) and their parents [...]

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LEW | Stockholm, March 4-5, 2019

Stadtteilmütter (Neighbourhood mothers) is a successful method that has been developed in Berlin through many years. By employing women with migrant background to do outreach [...]

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LEW first workshop in Milan

Sfx language training can be successfully transferred from Stockholm to Milan. It became Ifx as soon as the TAP transfer and adaptation plan started. Here, Stockholm based Katrina Stiessel Fonceca [...]

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LEW | Milan Oct. 15

In the second Local Empowerment Workshop in Milan officers from the City of Stockholm met officers from Afol Metropolitana and the City of Milan. They experienced the facilities made [...]

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